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Re: Calcium Carbonate a.k.a whiting and Aquatic Plants ListCoffee Mugs

>Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 11:26:58 -0800
>From: "Rod" <rod at redironstudios_ca>
>Subject: Calcium Carbonate a.k.a whiting and Aquatic Plants List Coffee Mugs
>Hi folks,
>     A few weeks ago I read on here something about using Calcium Carbonate
>to raise KH and GH, I can't remember how much was suggested to use to get x
>raise in KH and GH.
>     Also what I wanted to know is Calcium Carbonate going to give me the
>same kind of results as Seachems Equlibrium and Alkaline buffer? Everytime I

Equilibrium does not contain calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is 
_very_ insoluble in water so you won't be able to achieve the same GH 
with calcium carbonate as you would with Equilibrium.

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