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RE: AHS 2x13 on a 10g tank

Daphne Freeman wrote:
> I was considering setting up a low-tech 10 gallon planted tank.  I
> can't use a CO2 canister or DIY bottle where it will be located.
> Therefore, I need to keep the lighting low enough such that it isn't
> going to be an algae nightmare.  I was considering using 2 of the AH
> Supply 13 watt units.  Is that too much light for a low-tech 10?  Their
> lights are very intense.  It seems the standard strips for it aren't
> enough but this may be too much.
> Thoughts?

I have a 2x13 kit mounted in a regular strip with the MIRO reflector on my 
10g "Bathroom Tank" and find it to be effective.  I would not say it were too much, 
but rather just about right.  I am injecting champagne yeast CO2 into a very 
efficient DIY PVC reactor, and am finding that growth is very good, but would be 
better with even more light.  For a non-CO2 approach, this should be just about the 
right amount of light.  I have no algae to speak of in this tank. Email me and I 
can send you some pics...

HTH, YMMV all the other junk...