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Re: Contributors to the Defense fund

Loh Kwek Leong said, and he's said it more than once:

> You know, it's been about 160 packs of moss/fern since I started this
> campaign to help the defense fund but I still get helluva kick
> everytime I receive a message saying that the plant has arrived.
> I wish everyone who received the moss would write to inform
> me.  I keep a list and I would put a tick against your name when
> I know the moss has reached you.  The only way I would
> know is when you write to tell me the moss has arrived.  On my
> list now, there are something like 20 names that are not ticked yet.

Okay folks, there are *two* conditions for getting the goodies from
Kwek Leong, 1) contribute (again) to the defense fund and 2) send him a
note when the plants arrive.  You help folks or make someone happy with
each act *and* you get something nice directly out of the deal.  Who
could ask for more?

Join in - and don't forget to write :-),
Scott H.

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