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Lava rock, S. pusilla, M. matogrossense & B. monnieri

Hi, All!

Yes, it's me, back with more questions... Don't worry, they have nothing to 
do with chemistry.

I bought a small red lava rock to attach my Java fern to, and was wondering 
if I should treat it, somehow, to make it aquarium-safe. Or is it pretty 
much good to go with a light rinse?

I'm interested in getting some Sagittaria pusilla for my small tanks. Is it 
particularly sensitive or demanding of certain tank conditions?

Today, I bought a Myriophyllum matogrossense 'green' and it looks like 
this: http://www.aquartica.dk/default.asp?id=556
Is this the emersed form? None of the other photos of M. matogrossense look 
like this. They all seem to have a whispy sort of needle-like foliage. I 
really have to stop doing this... Last time it was Bacopa myriophylloides; 
I bought it, thinking it looked "cute," then found out that it was the 
emersed growth. It all died, too.

Last but not least, I have a B. monnieri stem that's sending up a flower 
spike. Unfortunately, the top of the stem is all the way up to the glass 
cover, and I really need to trim it. If I cut it an inch or two from the 
bottom, just enough so that when replanted the tip is hitting the water's 
surface, could the flower still blossom? Or is there no chance since it'd 
be separated from the roots? I would really love to see the flower blossom. 
Yes, I really need to get out more ;-).

Thanks in advance for answers to any or all of the above.