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Echinodorus Hybride

I would like to share with the APD list my
latest addition on Echinodorus species.

click on:

Echinodorus aficionado for a long time, I was made aware
of this new hybrid in late 2001.
Echinodorus 'Regine Hildebrand', a beautiful red plant.
A hybrid between E. 'Ocelot', E.parviflorus, E.barthii and
E. horemanii (red).
"Created" by aquatic nursery "Zoologica" in Germany.
Probably the only plant right now to be found in the U.S. of A. :-)
This dark red beauty prefers temperatures between 23-25 C.
Stays with 10-12 cm long leaves and 45cm overall high
relatively small and could be used as center piece or mid ground plant.
A clay rich substrate and lots of C02 a must for cultivation.
Further on, daily dosage of iron will be benefitionary.
Thanks to W.Ise "Aquaplanta" and "Arbeitskreis Wasserpflanzen"
in Germany as well as the USPS.
Slipped right through :-)

I'll keep the list updated and if all goes well with her I'll donate
'plantlettes' to the Defense Fund in a month or 2 or 3...

More info available upon request.