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Plants for Sale - Defense Fund

I've already sold about $100 worth of plants for the defense fund but it's
trimming time again.  Get off your wallet and give and receive something at
the same time.  Heck if you're part of the San Francisco mafia :-) you can
get karate lessons too!  Heck, if you're part of that group though you don't
need my underachieving plants :-)  USA only as the over-the-border can be
troublesome as it sounds from some of the recent posts.  You
send the $ for the plants to John Benn at his Paypal site and $5 for
shipping (up to 2 lbs so that will buy a lot of plants) and a styro box (you
keep the box) to my Paypal account.  When John emails that you've donated I
send off your plants.This can also be done with checks if you don't have a
Paypal account.  Email me offlist for particulars and my mailing address.
Most of the stem plants you see in the store (if you can find the
ones you're looking for) are $2-$3 per bunch.  You have an idea of that
quantity, it's fairly uniform.  I'm selling appropriately larger bundles for
$5. Remember it's for a good cause.  All plants are carefully bagged and
labeled.  I have had a lot of experience shipping both plants and fish.
Offer ends next Sunday March 24th.

Info on the defense fund and how to contribute
All of the information is available at URL

Hydrotriche hottoniflora - you've heard all the posts on the APD so $10 for
now or 2X the price of the other stuff.

The next 15 plants listed are $5/bunch
Zosterella dubia - The Plant Amano took home
Myriophyllum mattogrossense  - green
Rotala indica/roundifolia
Rotala macrandra
Mayaca fluviatilis - from the 2001 convention
Phylanthus fluitans - "red root floater" see Tropica - Amano took this home
Ceratopteris pteridoides (floating water sprite)
Proserpinaca paulstris "Mermaid weed
Potamogen perfoliatus
Didiplis diandra
Limnophilia aquatica "Ambulia"
Hydrocotyle leucocephala Brazilian pennywort
Hygro Tropic Sunset
Egeria najas - look it up, nice plant - looks sort of like pics of
Lagarosiphon major
Hygrophilia angustifolia (willow grass) (people bid up to $30 on this at the

Tiger Val - see Tropica - .50 each
?Crystal Val, fairly slender but a real grower, very easy  15/$5
common crypt ? Cryptocoryne willisii ? ~8-10 inches $3 each

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com