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Re: HELP! Tank 'o death for cories

Eric McGlohon:
"I lost some corys a while ago to probably what was a swim bladder
infection, loss of balance, spinning while swimming, not eating,
etc.  Now another cory is sick with the same symptoms."

Hello Eric,
I have used Sera Baktopur and Baktopur Direct.  Baktopur is for curing
bacteria infections and Backtopur Direct is a much stronger and for
advanced stage of infections (when fishes are already swimming abnormally).
I found both to be very effective.  I used to have recurring illnesses.  I
follow closely to the dosage and have not have any problem since than.  My
plants were not too much affected.

One thing to take note is that medication will kill even the nitrifying
bacteria and will upset the nitrogen cycle.  I will advice a big water
change after the treatment and use activated carbon for a few days to
remove the remaing traces of the medication.  I use s nitrifying starter to
restore the nitrogen cycle.  Everything was over within one week or so.

I personally like Sera range of products for fishes.  I do not know whether
they are available in your area.  You can check their website
"http://www.sera.de".  They have some good guides there.

BC (Singapore)