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International contributors to the Defense fund

>Your parcel just arrived.  How fast!  The catappa leaves were quite
>large -- I had no idea.  They went right into my larger tank.
>The narrow-leaf java fern you enclosed is an excellent specimen.
>Several well developed leaves and a long healthy runner that was
>already starting a new frond!  I found a good place for it in the big
>tank too -- not too much light, good circulation -- tied it to a
>freshly obtained piece of driftwood that I just got from Robert Hudson.
>A wonderful day for my aquaria!

Hi, folks,

You know, it's been about 160 packs of moss/fern since I started this
campaign to help the defense fund but I still get helluva kick
everytime I receive a message saying that the plant has arrived.

I wish everyone who received the moss would write to inform
me.  I keep a list and I would put a tick against your name when
I know the moss has reached you.  The only way I would
know is when you write to tell me the moss has arrived.  On my
list now, there are something like 20 names that are not ticked yet.

If you live in the US of A, it would take about a week for the
moss to reach you.  Canada would be slighter longer, maybe
about 10 days.  It's much faster if you live in Europe.  The nice
chap from Norway got his plants 3 days after I sent it.  I just sent
one out yesterday to someone in Greece.  India is pretty fast too,
their postal system must be very efficient.  I'm not sure about
Brazil and Colombia.  2 Brazilians got the moss from me but
my first pack of moss to the guy in Colombia fail to arrive.
I also sent the moss to someone "down under" in Australia a few
days ago.  Besides these countries, my moss has gone to people
in Thailand, Malaysia, Germany and South Africa.

If you live in a country that is not named here, do your country
proud by being its representative on the defense fund's list of donors.
Give any amount to the fund, then write me for your moss.
It will make you feel very good, I guarantee it.

Loh K L