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brooklyn botanic garden

hey all,

for those of you that live near NYC, the brooklyn botanic garden has redone its aquatic plant house.  the deep pool is now very nicely waterscaped, with the water level lowered so that now there are several tiers for plants to grow, emersed, emergent and submersed.  there some big Crypts growing out of the water, as well as Anubias and java fern tied to driftwood, not to mention huge Echinodorus, treeferns, blooming orchids etc.  at the bottom of the pool, they recently planted a lot of Aponogetons (blooming right now), including many madagascan lace plants, also Crinum calamistratum, Vals etc.  

the aquatic plant house itself contains another pool, the water lily pool, that is much shallower, and contains Nymphaeas, Victoria regia, Neptunia, huge overgrown stands of water sprite, papyrus, rare swamp aroids (Montrichardia, Cyrtosperma, Typhonodorum), mangrove, Canna, Thalia, etc.  on some water filled jugs they also grow 3 types of Marsilea, an aquatic Hymenocallis, and many others.  worth a visit if you are in the area.

tsuh yang