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Re: Australia planted tank keepers

Hi Jon,

I'm in Sydney, so at least we're on the same continent :)  I have three
tanks, all planted.  Our largest is 350 litres, and is planted with several
specias of Amazon Sword (about a dozen large Sword plants), som chain sword
running across the front, half a dozen potted crypts, some Java moss, and a
rather troubled Anubias.

It has a perennial hair algae problem.  It is lit by 190Watts of fluorescent
light (2x55W CF, and 2x40W T-8), and I dose fairly modest amounts of PMDD,
KNO3, and K2SO4.  Our fish in this tank are 2 juvenile discus, a breeding
pair of kribs (who generage about 30 baby kribs every eight weeks), 4
corydoras "metae", 10 cardinal tetras, one adult male bristlenose cat, and
about 20 of his offspring, ranging in length from 1.5 to 4cm.  This tank has
a 6kg CO2 cylinder underneath it, which injects CO2 via a regulator and
metering valve to the canister filter intake.

We also have a 70 litre planted tank, with a large anubias, and another
plant that I can't actually identify.  It's occupants are 9 sailfin mollies
(mostly juvenile).  It has a problem with BBA.  It uses 36W of CF light, and
soda-bottle CO2 injected into the filter.

Our smallest tank, which started out as a hospital tank, is 25 litres, with
java moss and an Anubias "nana" which happily grows out the top.  It doesn't
have an algae problem, despite being fertilised much the same (per unit
volume) as the other tanks.  It has 18W of CF lighting, and no CO2.
Population at the moment are about 35 baby kribs (around 1cm long) and 5
baby bristlenose cats.

I have a webpage with lots of pics of my tanks, though those for the large
tank are before a rebuild that we did a few months ago.  It's at



PS:  If anyone knows of anywhere in Sydney that has SAEs, I'd be really