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Tank 'o death for cories

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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 23:50:38 -0500
From: Eric McGlohon <eric at dekard_com>
To: Aquatic Planst Digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
Subject: HELP!  Tank 'o death for cories

I lost some corys a while ago to probably what was a swim bladder
infection, loss of balance, spinning while swimming, not eating,
etc.  Now another cory is sick with the same symptoms.

Normally I would just put the cory into a hospital tank and treat
with antibiotics, but I'm pretty sure that whatever is the problem
is on the plants, or being carried by another fish.  Since the last
losses I moved everything to a new tank, used a different cycled
filter, new substrate, etc.  The only thing that stayed the same
was the plants and the fish.  

I know that antibiotics are bad for plants, but I need to take care
of this problem before more fish die.  Does anyone know of good
plant friendly treatments?  Tried Melafix, no help.  Right now I'm
just considering using some gram + and gram - antibiotics and hoping
that my plants can withstand the treatment.

Here's the tank specs:
20 x-tall.  2 angels, 1 dwarf gourami, 8 serape tetras, 7 ottos,
6 cory cats (one of them sick).  Lotsa plants, 4wpg, pressurized
co2, ammonia 0, nitrates 10, ph 7, kh 4.

Please respond asap, if possible I want to start treatment tomorrow.

Thanks for the help.