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Re: pH Probe Cleaning

Gilbert wrote:
"Does anyone know how to clean a pH electrode?  I used
a Q-Tip and plain
water the last time I cleaned it.  My daily readings
are beginning to
drift a little from the setpoint. Having worked in the
pharmaceutical business for the past decade, I
recognize a pH probe that
needs help.  We never cleaned 'em, just replaced them
with a new probe.
I have a new probe on hand, I just want to extend the
life the current
one, which has been in continuous use for about 3
months now."

Soak the probe in pH 4 calibration solution for 10-15
minutes, rinse very well with DI water, than soak 5
minutes in pH 7 calibration solution, and rinse well. 
I find that storing the probe in probe storage
solution (usually 4M KCl) you can extend the life of
the probe.


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