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Re: speakers

> Tom, do you know does Kasslemann or Bastmeijer speak English or do we also
> need to look for a translator?

I know Jan does, my Dutch is the worst:) Not certain about Kasslemann.
Karen, Neil, Dave Gomberg may know. Anyone?
Jan is without a doubt the biggest supporter of crypts.

> James, Roger do you guys do talks for your local clubs?  I've certainly seen
> a lot of posts from the both of you that suggest that you have a lot of
> plant knowledge to share.  I don't alway keep track of the Canadian meetings
> so I don't know if Mr. Purchase has been actively speaking up there.  What
> sort of topic would you like to hear them cover?

That's up to them but they got a lot to say here:-) If you make good sense
and talk too much folks nominate you for stuff like this:)

  Has anyone ever heard Ms
> Walstad speak, does she do that sort of thing?

Not sure if any of these folks do, but........ if I saw them on the list, I
would not miss it.

  Actually I'm pretty
> surprised that we've never seen her on this list.  Tom, have you ever heard
> Dr. Schnieder speak, do you think this would be a talk that interests the
> AGA convention crowd?

Sure. I'll ask him what might have in store for such a meeting. I listened
to him talk for an entire class quarter several hours every week. He knows
Robert Gasser from way back, also did a large amount of work on the San
Macros River in TX. His wife is the director at Lotus Land which is a large,
old, rare, private estate garden in Santa Barbara with Victorian lilies,
Taro, lilies coming out your ears and all sorts of rare plants. He speaks on
all sorts of topics and travels often to various meetings as a speaker.

> Some of my professors in college wrote very
> interesting papers and were great to deal with one on one but weren't at
> their best at public speaking.

Sorry about that.

I have not found many like that here. All the folks I recommend have a
strong love and desire for plants. They get excited about plants. And this
shows. Ed just knows _everything_ about plants and also knows most of the
active botanist. His people and organizational skills are top notch.
Effective communicator. He's used CO2 etc way back.
Tom Barr