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Brackish foreground plants

I have a strip along the front of my brackish 29G tank that is troublesome
to plant.  I put in some dwarf hairgrass, which turned brown and gradually
became a debris collector over about 6 weeks, and showed no sign of new
growth; lilaeopsis nova-zelandiae is just collecting algae and again, no
now leaves; anubias also collected algae (faster growing plants seem to
outgrow the algae just fine).  I'm looking for a small,  fast-growing, and
medium-light tolerant plant for this little strip.  Any suggestions from
brackish tank keepers?  I see one place that suggests glossostigma can be
brackish tolerant, but I don't know if I have enough light.

Tank parameters:
29G with 73 W fluorescent light (12 hrs of 33W GE Gro n' Sho Bright Stik
and 10 hrs of 40W GE aquarium bulbs)
Substrate:  potting soil mixed with flourite covered with crushed coral
pH about 7.4 with specific gravity 1.005 (via seachem "Live Bearer Salt)
Eclipse Biowheel filter
Livestock:  6 mollies, 8 small orange chromides, 1 silver shark cat
Growing happily:  Echinodorus amazonicus, banana plants, Criunun thianum
and C. calamistratum, cabomba, java moss, bacopa monnieri, hygrophila
thalictroides, anubias; tolerating tank but not so happy:  ceratophyllum
pteroides, hygrophila "tropic sunset", java fern, dwarf sagittaria,
echinodorus barthii, eleocharis montevidensis, corkscrew vals .

Diane Brown
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu