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E. tennelus under low light

> I have a fairly lush stand of E. tennelus carpeting the front half of a 20 
> gal long under about 3W/gal of lighting. Most of the fish in the tank are 
> bottom feeders, and I'm finding that while I like the look of the tank, the 
> tennelus tends to trap food where the fish cannot get to it. I want to thin 
> the stand out so that there are isolated clumps of tennelus rather than a 
> solid carpet. Unfortunately, the only tank in which I can put the excess 
> tennelus is a 10 gal with the standard single strip light (albeit with a 
> new, fairly bright bulb). I am willing to add yeast CO2 and/or Flourish 
> Excel to this 10 gal, but was wondering if the tennelus would survive under 
> 1.5 W/gal of light. Please advise!
I don't know about your original question.  However, if you can go

to someplace like walmart, home depot, etc.  They generally have these 
20 inch, double flourescent light fixtures that are meant for mounting 
under a cabinet, say over your sink or whatever.  I have one of these, 
and if sets perfectly on top of a ten gallon aquarium and gives 3 
watts/gallon.  And my chain sword goes nuts with moderate CO2.  I also 
have chain sword growing very well at 2 watts/gallon and moderate CO2 as