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Calcium Carbonate a.k.a whiting and Aquatic Plants List Coffee Mugs

Hi folks,

    A few weeks ago I read on here something about using Calcium Carbonate
to raise KH and GH, I can't remember how much was suggested to use to get x
raise in KH and GH.

    Also what I wanted to know is Calcium Carbonate going to give me the
same kind of results as Seachems Equlibrium and Alkaline buffer? Everytime I
do a water change I have to use 6 teaspoons of Equlibrium and 3 teaspoons of
Alkaline buffer. This could get expensive after awhile. Whereas Calcium
Carbonate (us potters call it whiting)  is pretty cheap I probably have
300Lbs of it at the studio.

    My current water parameters are;

    PH 6.7
    dKH 4.48
    dGH  5.6
    Iron is sitting at 1

    Thanks to Wayne Jones I almost have my new hood constructed and I will
have 240 Watts of light. Next week I will go out and pick up the materials
to make PMDD. I'm injecting Co2 at around 4 bubbles/sec. Using Flourish
Potassium, Flourish Trace, Flourish Iron, and Flourish Excel.

    Can anyone be so kind as to let me know where to go next and shed some
light on the Calcium Carbonate question.

    I can tell you the oxide makeup of super cooled liquids (.i.e
glazes\glass) but I'm still very very new at this organic chemistry stuff.
Though I must say getting into plants has made me totally love this fish
keeping (plant keeping?) hobby.

**************** Aquatic Plants List Commemorative Ass Kickin Mugs

    Finally as I mentioned before folks. [Redacted]
 Little disclaimer here - I'm not doing this
to stir up business. I'm busy - damn busy with 4 major shows this year. I
just want to help out in a way that I can.

    I could even - I was thinking make some Aquatic Plants coffee mugs with
some logo on it. Maybe the listmom could suggest something. And if we
stirred up enough interest then I could make a whole wack of them for the
list. What do you folks think.

    Look at it this way best case scenario. If 2000 people on the list
purchased one of these special Aquatic plants List mugs commemorating a
certain ass kickin' [Redacted] Each mug

    By the way I would really intensly dislike hand throwing 2000 mugs. But
I would\will do it!

But anyways there you all go. Now I gotta go get to bed so I can make more
pots tomorrow to pay for my growing aquarium habit.


 RedIron Studios
 rod at redironstudios_ca
 Vancouver, B.C. Canada