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Water Loving Plant?

Well, lets see.  Start with Reed Canary Grass and SaltCedar.  They are pretty 
much number one and two on the Bureau of Reclamation's Nasty List of 
Phreatophyts that must be removed from irrigation ditches.

Oh heck.  I suppose you mean for AQUARIUMS???????  (Reeely big grin!)

Seriously, for woody plants, i.e. trees and shrubs, the Flood Plain species 
are the ones you use, because they are subject to alternate flooding, 
sometimes immersion, and then droughts.  Indeed, those trees and shrubs are 
most tolerant of being planted in paved areas such as downtown streets and 

I strongly suspect that when we start thinking of Aquarium plants that are 
tolerant to drying out, but can and will use a LOT of water, and can 
withstand immersion, we will be dealing with plants from a similar ecosystem. 
 This could be an interesting discussion.