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Re: water changes

Gary wrote:

<<  People are always trying to talk themselves out of actually doing
 > the work it takes to do something right.  I think when talking about doing
 > minimal water changes you're just fooling yourself.  That was as true in 
 > sixties as is today.
There are several ways to "do it right."  An aquarium that it heavily 
stimulated with a lot of light, CO2, and extra nutrients certainly needs 
different techniques than a low light tank that relies mainly on the flora 
and fauna for those nutrients.

Perhaps it is similar in concept to "no-till" farming or organic farming, 
both of which require fewer inputs than conventional "feed and poison" 

There is plenty of room in this hobby for different approaches.  Just because 
a certain approach requires less hours of work and costs less doesn't make it 
inferior, any more than the fact that another one takes more time and money 
makes it better.
It's what works best for the individual that counts.

People just getting started in the hobby shouldn't feel that they have to 
purchase expensive equipment and develop expertise in chemical dosing to be 
successful.  Later they can join the priesthood if they choose, or they can 
remain just members of the congregation and be perfectly happy.