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Re: E. tennelus under low light

I have a fairly lush stand of E. tennelus carpeting the front half of a 20 
gal long under about 3W/gal of lighting. Most of the fish in the tank are 
bottom feeders, and I'm finding that while I like the look of the tank, the 
tennelus tends to trap food where the fish cannot get to it. I want to thin 
the stand out so that there are isolated clumps of tennelus rather than a 
solid carpet. Unfortunately, the only tank in which I can put the excess 
tennelus is a 10 gal with the standard single strip light (albeit with a 
new, fairly bright bulb). I am willing to add yeast CO2 and/or Flourish 
Excel to this 10 gal, but was wondering if the tennelus would survive under 
1.5 W/gal of light. Please advise!


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