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Re: Walstad's Book and Various Methods

Roger Miller quoted me and then said what follows the quote:

> > In fact, I think that pretty much everything in her book is
> consistent
> > with what the George and Karla Booth and Tom Barr have to say about
> how
> > to set up and care for a planted tank.
> Scott,
> I laughed out loud when I read this. :)  Perhaps Ms. Walstad has
> written more 
> than one book.   You see far more similarity between her methods and
> George 
> and Karla's methods than I do.  In fact, i think you find more
> similarity 
> between them then Ms. Walstad herself does.  On page 4 she contrasts
> her 
> methods with "High-tech" methods.  Her examples  (in the footnote at
> the 
> bottom of the page) of things her method does *not* involve use the
> Dupla 
> method and George and Karla's tank as a specific example.
> Roger Miller

Thanks, Roger, remind me again that I can write an email that people
understand ;-) 

Perhaps I put it poorly, but you do misunderstood my meaning.  I did
not suggest that their methods are the same.  I have often referred on
this board to the different methods and used Walstad, Booth, and Barr
as examples of *different* methods.  But forget about methods for a
second and think about the fundametals that Ms. Walstad talks about. 
If the basic sceince is right, then they apply to all the successfull
methods -- even at what the Booths pay for equipment, they can't buy
changes in the law of physics ;-).  Ms. Walstad writes a lot about the
fundamental info that applies to or is consistent with the successful
methods.  For example, she talks about CO2; she knows plants grow
faster with CO2 added.  No inconsistencies with George and Karla's
methods there.  In fact, if you didn't know before hand what CO2 has to
do with plant growth, you will after reading Walstad's book.  It might
lead you to CO2 injection or to a Walstad tank depending on your
preferences, amount of free time, etc.

When I say that the information is consistent, I mean that literally. 
She doesn't say that a high tech method is wrong, she says it is higher
maintenance and I think that is consistent with what, for example,
George or Karla or Tom would say, and I think it is right (I'd be a
fool not to, eh?).  The stuff about nutrient use, nutrient uptake,
alleopathy, etc. it's all consistent with the low tech and high tech
methods.  She prefers to apply the priciples with low tech.  With
different methods you get different results and not all of them are
necesarily benefits.  She talks about those differences in her book.

Scott H.

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