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Re: Speakers for AGA 2003 (2002 even....)

A number of excellent choices have been suggested. Here is someone I'd like
to hear speak and get the opportunity to meet:

Dr. Robert F. Thorne - associated with the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
in Claremont, Claifornia.

"Professor Emeritus, Dr. Robert Thorne has been recognized internationally
for is phylogenetic classification of the flowering plants. As a
biogeographer, he pursues floristic work on Alta and Baja California,
Florida and other areas and continues his research at Rancho Santa Ana
Botanic Garden in angiosperms. He is especially interested in aquatic plants
and major disjunctions in the ranges of vascular plants. Author and reviewer
of numerous scientific papers and journals, Dr. Thorne remains active with
graduate students and continues his research work at the Garden."

Thorne is a MAJOR figure in the botany community and his particular interest
in aquatic plants could be an "in" to persuade him to speak to a group of
aquatic gardeners. His talk would definately not be "fluff".

James Purchase