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Re: Onyx Controversy/water changes -- and the photogenicity of Walstad Tanks

Gary Lange said, in part:

> Coincidently we don't see
> those
> wonderful minimal tank shots with the Walstad book and I think for
> good
> reason. 

Them sound like fightin' words, but it's only mid March, and the
monthly brawl already happened early in the month.

So here goes an attempt at respectful disagreement.  There appear to be
benefits and costs for each of the successful methods of aquatic
gardening.  To mention a few, the high tech tanks demand a lot more
effort compared to Walstad tanks.  Some of them require much more
expensive equipment.  But there are more options for plants and
everything is high speed, you tend to manipulate more ecological

I think it is incorrect to say that there are not pics in Ms. Walstad
because tanks using her preferred method just don't hold up to the
lens.  I don't think it was that kind of book.  There are plenty of
picture books around -- refreshingly, Ms. Walstad's book had more
information that pictures.   Also, I am inclined to think that it's a
bit unfair to say she included no pics because low tech tanks aren't
photogenic.  I might be misreading Gary's comments.  I certainly know
Gary well enough to think that he is anything but a gentleman and a
scholar.  But the comment seems to me a bit off the mark.

Scott H.

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