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Re: Flourish dropper rescue A ml of prevention is worth a kg of K2SO4

Ricky Cain said:

> I just use a 60cc syringe with a 2 inch 18 gauge needle from a
> veterinarian/farm supply company. Its graduated, you can get more
> than 1ml
> at time and its too big to fall into the bottle.
That'll do it.  Alternatively, you can wrap a length of duct tape
around the end of the syringe plunger or stopper bulb and leave several
inches trailing -- then you can just pull the syringe/stopper right
back out  ;-)

I knew someone who got an idea after using a restroom at a gas station.
 He tied the syringe to a large unused biowheel -- the syringe couldn't
fall all the way into the Flourish Potassium bottle then and he never
lost that syringe  ;-)

Scott H.

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