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Re: Christmas Moss and temperature

Wah responded to my qestion about Christmas Moss:

> Experiment tank 1:
> high light 72w for 15.6gallons. 
> 10ml TMG per week. 
> Pressurized CO2 5 bubbles per second. 
> TEMP 27 to 29C. 
> Result: Moss didn't grow much. Turned ugly dark green and looked
> toasted. Assume dead. 
> Experiment tank 2: 
> Water jug with few drops of TMG per week. 
> Diffused sunlight from the window. ( low light)
> TEMP:26C most of the time. 
> No CO2
> Result: Moss stayed light green and is growing well.  

Thanks, Wah.
The range here, for those of us with the Farenheit monkey on our backs
is 79 to 84 degrees F.  I would not think of that as within a cool
range.  But this one cas does indicate that about 80 degrees F might e
an upper threshold.  Perhaps the moss will do even better at mid 70s
(24 degrees C) and lower.  I have had reasonable success growing it in
the 78-to 83 degree F range.  But it never really took off.  I was
suspecting that subtropical temps might be more to its liking.  I'm not
running any subtropical tanks.  Anyone else?

In any case, it doesn't appear to be very demanding for nutrients, but
then a lot of moss probably has very little mass.

Scott H.

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