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Re: water changes

> People are always trying to talk themselves out of actually doing
> the work it takes to do something right.  I think when talking about doing
> minimal water changes you're just fooling yourself.  That was as true in the
> sixties as is today.
> Gary Lange

Very true.
It's funny you can also apply large water changes to a salt reef set up and
not use Kalk additions, supplements etc. Just big weekly water changes.
Works very well. Cost for the salt mix though but is very simple. Works
great on smaller reef tanks.

The non water change method works also in non CO2 planted tanks but that's
the only method that is a decent situation to apply that type of routine.

 Comparing that to a CO2 enriched tank which does benefit from water changes
is not equal.
Folks have equated them as similar, they are not. They use different
approaches an different growth rates and strategies. Apples and oranges.
Both taste good though:-)
Tom Barr