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pH and fish

Is there any actual relationship between pH of your water and the type
of fish you can keep in that water? Is it the pH that matters or is it
that pH is often coincident with the sort of water that fish are adapted
to. For instance hard water usually has a lot of carbonates and
therefore has a high pH. The reason I ask is because I have kept several
types of fish that are supposed to prefer hard water in tanks with a low
pH due to CO2 injection. Does this cause harm to supposedly hard water
fish? Right now I have a couple of A. Sajica's and they seem healthy as
can be. The pH is mostly around 6.4 with a KH of 5.

A fish breeder not far from me raises African cichlids in water that
save for the CO2 injection is exactly the same as mine. He says they
won't breed in soft water but they live in it just fine. Some of the
Malawi Cichlids are very impressive looking fish and I would like to try
some. Would it be cruel and unusual punishment for me to put those fish
in one of my tanks? I am getting very skeptical of pH recommendations
for particular fish.