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pH Probe Cleaning

Does anyone know how to clean a pH electrode?  I used a Q-Tip and plain
water the last time I cleaned it.  My daily readings are beginning to
drift a little from the setpoint. Having worked in the biotech
pharmaceutical business for the past decade, I recognize a pH probe that
needs help.  We never cleaned 'em, just replaced them with a new probe.
I have a new probe on hand, I just want to extend the life the current
one, which has been in continuous use for about 3 months now.

Anyone else use a pH controller?  My Pinpoint works just as well as the
ones we use in the industry.  I know most people don't use or need one,
but it sure makes it easier.  I always get a kick reading about "bubbles
per second" and "injecting into a cannister filter."  C'mon, a Dupla
reactor 400 only costs $40 at AquaTek and it has a built-in bubble
counter.  My pH controller turns the solenoid valve on when the pH goes
up 0.1 pH units from my setpoint, then turns off when it reaches
setpoint; no turning off the CO2 and injecting air into the tank at
night.  I understand some people don't have a lot of money to spend, but
the time I would've spent fussing with CO2 issues, (especially DIY
CO2...kudos to those who do it this way), is time I can spend
aquascaping and contemplating a 1st Prize Ribbon from the next AGA
contest....Yeah, right!

A response on pH probe cleaning would be greatly appreciated. :-)


Gilbert E. Martinez shivering in frigid SFO.  What up with that?

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