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Re: CO & O2 and all the other stuff...

BC, thank you for the detailed explanation of what's going on with the CO2 
and O2 in the tank. Reminded me of why I dropped chemical engineering as my 
major in my college days. I could never do that mass-balance thing. I have 
a lot of respect for those who can. I didn't do much better as a chemistry 
major, but I scraped by just enough to get a degree. No wonder I can't 
figure out this basic gas exchange/equilibrium stuff... Your "list of 
factors" helped to put a slightly more accurate mental image of what's 
going on in the water. Thanks.

Tom, thank you for your input regarding my illogical scenario. I'm pleased 
that one of my "hunches" was right about the CO2-into-the-filter thing. I 
don't do it, either, but more because I can't stand the PSHHHH... PSHHHH... 
PSHHHH... sound of the bubbles hitting the impeller. I needed an 
explanation of why it's something to watch out for in a tank that's 
understocked with plants and overstocked with fish. Yours sounds perfectly 
reasonable. Thanks.