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Re: E. stellata and nutrient poor H2O

Hey gang,
(this is mostly for the archives)

I wrote:
> I'm going to put my last E. stellata stem in a 10
> gallon with moderate everything instead of the high
> octane tank and see what happens.

Tom Barr wrote:
>>Bet it will grow better. Try the iron thing that
Arthur suggested.
It may be that as he adds the traces the other
nutrients(N and P) are 
driven down to very low levels.<<

Hmmmm...This 10 gallon is loaded with moss, Anubias
sp., and a few Sagitarria subulata var. gracillis. If
I add *any* ferts, the Oedegonium (sp.?) takes over,
but when I cut out all ferts but a tiny pinch of K+ it
goes away.....I won't add any more iron to this tank;
I don't think it needs it.  

The lights are 2x15w NO flourescent strips w/ DIY CO2
fed into a Fluval 1 that's a home made reactor as
well. Substrate of Flourite and a dash of peat covered
with an inch of #1 blasting grit (1-2mm). Weekly
40-50% water change. My tap water has little N or P.

The (existing) plants are in radiant good health. I
placed my last (sorry looking) stem of E. stellata in
this aquarium today, and I will post my results as
soon as they are worth posting....With any luck, I'll
have some for trade soon;)

John Wheeler


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