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Xmass moss and temperature

Hello everyone, 

Scott H. you asked if Xmass moss is sensitive to temperature right? Yes they are. They do not need high nutrients to grow too. 
My controlled experiment:

Experiment tank 1:
high light 72w for 15.6gallons. 
10ml TMG per week. 
Pressurized CO2 5 bubbles per second. 
TEMP 27 to 29C. 
Result: Moss didn't grow much. Turned ugly dark green and looked toasted. Assume dead. 

Experiment tank 2: 
Water jug with few drops of TMG per week. 
Diffused sunlight from the window. ( low light)
TEMP:26C most of the time. 
No CO2
Result: Moss stayed light green and is growing well.  

I used to grow Java moss in this way too. I find moss an undemanding plant from my experiment. 
Hope this helps!

Wayne Wah from Singapore .   

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