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Re: Hard/soft water plants

> I wonder if it has to do with nutrient competition
> issues? It certainly isn't light or CO2 in my case. My
> KH is 7 and GH 9-10, and it grew at these levels like
> wild fire for about 1-1/2 months without any water
> column ferts.

I think it just likes nutrient poor water.
I've seen this pattern with RW and PS. To a lesser extent with BM.

> I'm going to put my last E. stellata stem in a 10
> gallon with moderate everything instead of the high
> octane tank and see what happens.

Bet it will grow better. Try the iron thing that Arthur suggested.
It may be that as he adds the traces the other nutrients(N and P) are being
driven down to very low levels.

We will find out and comparing notes and water parameters is a great way to
figure it out. 

I need more tanks!!

Tom Barr

> John Wheeler