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The one shot approach (was: Flourish????)

Matt is finding the use of many separate bottles cumbersome. It can be, but
many of the ions have different "shelf lives" as far as effectiveness goes
once diluted and exposed to light and oxygen and different set-ups might
need different amounts of some nutrients than others depending upon your
water source, fish load, etc., so this is the route chosen by Seachem

But Seachem is by no means the only game in town.

You could switch to Dupla fertilizers as they are available again in the
U.S. and I and many others have used them for years with great success
(think George Booth....actually, think Karla Booth...). In the Dupla
universe, you initially dose based upon the entire volume of water in your
tank, using Duplaplant, a tablet fertilizer. Thereafter, you dose the water
you change on a weekly basis. It is really simple, just drop in a tablet (in
an area where the fish own't think its fish food, please) every time you
chage water. Iron needs are dealt with separately, using Duplaplant 24, a
concentrated liquid meant to be used daily. If that's too much trouble you
can use a peristatic pump ($$$$) or an Eheim liquidoser (fewer $$$ and just
as effective) to add the Duplaplant 24 automatically.

Depending on how you manage your aquarium (i.e. high light, high CO2,
micromanaged monstrosity) you might need to fine tune some macros, but for
the "average" plant tank, Dupla fertilizers are hard to beat and require a
lot less fiddling with multiple bottles.

James Purchase