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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1696

> From: "Matt Wassenhove" <Wass29 at qconline_com>
> If you read anything on the Seachem website it says 
> "recommended for use
> with the entire FlourishT line " well if you are using more 
> then one bottle
> of chemical that can become a pain the butt. I am tired of 
> opening 3 bottles
> of chemical for the plants I want to know if it would be 
> possible to mix all
> of the flourish products that you want(in the right dosage 
> for your tank)
> into like a big milk jug and then add whatever amount is 
> needed to achieve a
> nirvana in the tank between plants, fish, and the water.
> So my question rambling aside---Can you mix all of the 
> chemicals in the
> right quanity so you only have to add one thing instead of 
> three or more?

I am actually having a run of good luck (success?) by making a cocktail
of Flourish, Tetra Flora Pride, and Potassium Chloride.  I mix all these
down with a cup of water close to the ratio of Fe-K-trace found in PMDD
and dose 5-10ml of this solution daily.  I only premix enough for a few
weeks and do keep the entire solution refrigerated.  I'm currently
maintaining an Fe concentration of 2ppm and have toyed with daily dose
volume to get this on target.

Only thing I would recommend against is adding nitrate (or PO4 if you
dose it) with this mixture as these macros need to be metered and added
separately.  For everything else, my K/Fe/trace ratios are pegged.

However, there are a few good threads in the archives of actwin made by
James Purchase and other listers about fixing all these ratios and why
the "perfect balanced fertilizer" is impractical.  My approach may be
simplistic (I am positive I am overdosing a lot of trace), but it's
working so far.

Jeff Ludwig
Philadelphia, Pa