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Re: Hard water plants

Hey gang,

All of this talk about hard water has got me thinkin'.
Especially in regards to E/P. stellata and R.

I have grown both plants with mixed success and the
recent banter on hard water may have shed some light
for me. The *best* E. stellata that I ever produced
came in a brand new tank. It started as 6 emerse stems
that were *real* ugly. Soon, they were magnificent! As
soon as I began a fert regimen I had troubles with tip
die-offs and stunting....Now, it is the sorriest
looking plant I have. I'm down to one producing stem.

I should've kept better records, but sometimes the E.
stellata would appear to be making a comeback. Then
one day BAM!....dead tips. I wish that I had taken
better notes on what I was adding, but I didn't add
any N, P, or other Fe than Flourish/TMG would provide
untill the last 4-5 months. With the addition of N and
P, and extra Fe all of my *other* plants have really
come to life.

I wonder if it has to do with nutrient competition
issues? It certainly isn't light or CO2 in my case. My
KH is 7 and GH 9-10, and it grew at these levels like
wild fire for about 1-1/2 months without any water
column ferts.

For R. wallichii, the *best* growth I ever got was
during a green water bout.....go figure. It was a
solid producer, otherwise, in a "lean" tank as Mr.
Barr has put it. I lost that plant because of a silly
I'm going to put my last E. stellata stem in a 10
gallon with moderate everything instead of the high
octane tank and see what happens.

John Wheeler

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