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Onyx, soft water, and Cabomba aquatica

Interesting posts.  
Regarding PO4 and Cabomba and Pogostemon (aka Eusteralis):  I have both
P. stellata and Cabomba aquatica in the same tank with Onyx, R/O water,
etc.  I use plenty of TMG (to an Fe level of about 0.15 ppm) and add PO4
to a level of about 0.5ppm.  The Pogostemon does well, especially after
additions of PO4, and the Cabomba is terrible all the time.  So add that
to your thoughts!
I test regularly, add pressurized CO2 to pH of 6.8 (KH=5).  I change
water each week and add nutrients back each time.  That's why I blamed
the Onyx; I can't think what I could be doing that the plant does not
like.  I like Neil's theory that perhaps Onyx does not sequester PO4 as
well as other substrates.  But, more observations are needed.

Roxanne Bittman