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Re: Discus and PO4

TW wrote:

Out of curiosity, what do you feed your Discus? I see all the beefheart
recipes, and can't really see that working in a planted tank, but maybe
I've talked to some of the Discus breeders about converting the fish to
Tetramin before shipping the fish to me, and they refused. Said the
won't eat it. I thought it would be a good idea to have the breeder grow
them out prior to putting them in a planted tank.

I reply:

I tried growing out Discus in a planted tank and it worked but not that
great. I would do it again but next time I will feed more and do more
water changes adding plant fertilizer with the water changes. I had to
under feed them a bit and they are not a large as they should be. I
didn't feed them beefheart. I fed them frozen bloodworms and a homemade
agar based food. I got the recipe from Adrian Tappins website. These two
foods don't foul the water nearly as much as beefheart or frozen brine
shrimp. It is a good is a good idea to have some other fish in there
that will eat up the smaller bits of food. Corys, small tetras, rams and
what have you. My Discus will also eat flake but only as a last resort.