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Re: A point of clarification

brian perkins <btpmsi at yahoo_com> wrote

<<Are you saying that I should ONLY use TMG and Jobes to fertilize with? It 
was my understanding that TMG provides micros. only and that many lower 
light/ CO2 driven tanks are relying on Fish food/Fish excrement for their 
macros. (w/possibly the odd Jobes chunk near the roots of any big 
eaters)And then when you take the plunge into a high light mode, then 
"Macro. mgmt." becomes more relevant with PMDD, etc????? >>

I wasn't suggesting that at all -- I wasn't trying to analyze your setup 
(and I have no experience with TMG). I meant that whatever water-column 
fertilization you use, root feeders still like the macronutrients in Jobe's 
deep at their roots and they are certainly worth a try. I was agreeing with 
another post that there are two basic water-column strategies: (a) one 
simply, all-in-one product, and (b) multiple products or chemicals, each 
one more or less a specific nutrient. Of course folks have all sorts of 
combinations, from the simple to the elaborate.

You can see what I use for fertilizer in our current (discus) setup at 
http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/tank.htm In addition to some 
Flourish products I have my own "PMDD", as many of us do. We now have 
Flourite, but in our previous angel setup we had gravel + laterite and I 
used, in addition, Schoeler's Substrate Gold nuggets and Aquarium 
Pharmaceutical's Root Tabs + Iron. I used to add small amounts of 
(potassium) nitrate weekly, but with our growing discus, our nitrate has 
been a little on the high side from just the food.

Naturally, which nutrients and their doses one adds will depend on *many* 
factors, such as: the amount of light and CO2, your substrate, the species 
and number of plants, the composition of your water and your water-change 
schedule, the amounts of trimming/maintenance you are willing to do, the 
type and amount of fish food, strategies for combatting algae, the 
willingness to experiment, etc.  There is much good info on plant nutrition 
here in the APD archives and I have some links to other good online 
nutrition info on my Resource Page.


Jared Weinberger
jared at brainyday_com