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cheap substrate alternative

Hi all,

I remember all the discussions on profile/turface/schultz XXX, but I think I 
have a new one to add.  Everyone can see in the archives the past 
discussions where we all found that Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil and Schultz 
Clay Soil Conditioner were actually one and the same, just packaged 
differently.  Well, it seems that there is a third.  I just found this 
today, and I've never see it before (so I hope I am adding something new).  
Schultz All-Purpose Soil Conditioner.  I wanted Onyx, but couldn't afford it 
or Flourite.  I didn't want to do soild.  The next best thing to 
Onyx/Flourite seemed to be the profile/turface/schultz...so I went looking.  
The local Wal-Mart (in rural AL, so if I can get it, probably anyone can) 
has Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil - $7/10lbs. as well as Schultz Clay Soil 
Conditioner - $4/10lbs. and also Schultz All-Purpose Soil Conditioner - 
$7.50/30lbs.  That means you can pay 70 cents a pound, 40 cents a pound, or 
25 cents a pound, depending on the package.  If you can afford Seachem 
products (which, when I can afford them, are definitely my favorite), and 
you find yourself in the market for a cheaper alternative, read all the 
packages.  If you can find the All-Purpose stuff you can save a bundle.

Cameron, with fingers crossed, hoping to have added something valuable to 
the list that has taught so much

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