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Re: SAEs and Christmas Moss

gamera wrote:

>This really saddens me, as
>I would love to have the Christmas Moss growing
>beautifully in my tank.  It looks awesome in the
>pictures I have seen.  Alas, I don't think I will enjoy
>any such sight in my tank as long as I keep my SAEs.
>But I definitely don't want to part with my SAEs
>either.  Whatever shall a fishboy do?

You can have SAEs and christmas moss together in the same
tank provided they are juvenile SAEs.  It's only the adults that
will prune the moss.  Note I said prune and not eat.  They will
only eat the new tips so you will never get to see the triangular
shapes of the moss if you have adult SAEs in your tank.  In
other words, your moss will not grow.

As far as I know, Discus will not eat the moss, unless of course,
yours are really hungry fishes.

Don't give up even if your moss appears dead.  I've heard they
can resurrect themselves.  No kidding, even if they are dried
and have turned brown, new moss will appear when its soaked
in water.

I'm puzzled why so many cannot grow the moss when it's
known as a very-easy-to-grow plant in Singapore.  Hmm, maybe
you all should think about taking up another hobby :)  But
seriously, I think it must have something to do with soft
water.  The water from the taps in Singapore is very soft.
Please don't ask me any questions about whether is that
Gh soft or Kh soft or whatever.  I'm a Forest Gump as far
as water chemistry is concerned, remember?  All I know
is that with our water, it's very easy to make a lather from
soap.  Is that Gh soft or what?

Someone from around here wanted to know where he
can get KNO3 or K2SO4 in Singapore.  I would tell him
if I knew but frankly, I can't tell the difference between
KNO3 and a hole in the ground :)

Loh K L