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A point of clarification


Are you saying that I should ONLY use TMG and Jobes to
fertilize with? It was my understanding that TMG
provides micros. only and that many lower light/ CO2
driven tanks are relying on Fish food/Fish excrement
for their macros. (w/possibly the odd Jobes chunk near
the roots of any big eaters)And then when you take the
plunge into a high light mode, then "Macro. mgmt."
becomes more relevant with PMDD, etc?????


> Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 05:29:13 -0500
> From: Jared Weinberger <jared at brainyday_com>
> Subject: Re: Plant Fertilizer 
> Patrick, as you said, Tropica MasterGrow is all in
> one. With Seachem's 
> Flourish line (that I use) you can go with their
> all-in-one (regular) 
> Flourish and/or adjust some individual or groups of
> elements (Flourish 
> Trace, Potassium, and Iron). The doses can be
> adjusted by evaluating plant 
> response by eye, or by using test kits to maintain
> specific nutrient 
> levels. It depends on the amount of monitoring and
> tinkering you want to 
> do.  Folks have had very good results with TMG and
> Flourish. Be patient and 
> don't forget to provide your root-feeders with
> fertilizers in the substrate 
> (e.g. Jobe's sticks, Flourish Tabs). In my
> experience Flourish Excel isn't 
> necessary with pressurized CO2.
> Jared

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