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RE: Shipping plants to foreign lands

With all the recent talk of shipping plants out of the US to Canada and vice
versa, I thought I would share my story...  A couple months ago when I was
on my crusade to find Rotala rotundifolia 'green' I heard that it was
availible through Tropica and thus in Canada and Europe...

I had an offer I couldn't refuse for a trade for it and some other goodies
from a fellow APDer from Norway - Per Gunnar please stand up!  Well,
needless to say, I was worried about the packages making it to their
respective destinations.  Neither of us declared what was in the packages,
and had no problems.  We both used regular air-post and received the plants
in about 5 days as I recall.  Everything intact and in perfect condition.
Was what we did 100% legal?  I am not sure.  And I am not sure I care!

Anyhow, just thought I would share that.  Granted, neither of us were a
commercial operation risking our necks, but for plant trades between
hobbiests, I wouldn't worry too much.

My plant auctions just closed, and I am happy to report another $5.75 for
the defense fund... Baby steps!