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re: hard water plant

>>Define moderately hard............<<

I say this mostly from report--all the aquarists here
say the water is hard in Houston.  One very reputable
guy laughed when I told him my GH was about 7-8.  He
said my test kit must be old or something.  And no I
haven't bought another kit.  So someone besides me is
going have to say exactly what it is.  (and no I don't
care to call the water municipality).  So maybe the GH
is above 10?

>>Also, prove it is due to the hard water.........<<

Prove what?  If your hypothesis says "plant x can only
grow in soft water" and I am growing it in hard water,
then the hypothesis needs tweaking.

>>Also, how many species have you kept over the years
long term?<<

I've been in the hobby for 2 1/2 years or so.  So no
longer than that.  On the other hand, I don't see how
this question is relevant.  Either the plants have
grown or they haven't.  "Generation time" for the
plants I grow is very short, and I have been through
multiple tens if not hundreds of replanted cuttings.

I can say this:  I have never bought a plant twice. 
And I have never bought large portions of plants.

I have Rotala wallichii and it has done well in what
would be called
moderately hard water(KH 5+ GH 9). P stellata so so.
Bacopa myriophylloides

>>did well till the fish found out it taste good.
SAE's attacked the Rotala.<<

I have had no problems with SAEs and wallichii
together.  The only time I ever had a problem with
wallichii was when I wasn't doing adequate water
changes.  And that was a long time ago.  Grows like a

>>The thing is that these problems I have may very
well be due to something
other than the GH/KH. They may be due to the gobs of
PO4 I add.<<

I add neither P nor N.

>>him) but they are now importing it regularly. The PS
grows great until I do
a water change, then stunts. I have a full range of
test kits but just have
not gotten around to it yet.
Lately I suspect it's something other than GH/KH.<<

I already reported what I believe to be the solution. 
Add more iron.  It keeps the leaves green.  So far no
one has confirmed (seconded) this.  Try it.


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