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porting aquatic plants into Canada

Hi James, and everyone,

err this was last week, when i received some x-mas moss = ), doesn't the
certificate cost around $50 per box? which means my lfs will be getting
their plants for even cheaper ?

picked up a bag of 50 stems of ludwigia ovalis for $10 CND 2 days ago, it's
either the whole bag or $3 per 3 stems (i know $1/stem) if they remove it
out of the bag and place into their 'own' pots/rockwool

about x-mas being ate, they're not in my tank with ameca splendends
(spelling) but i think they'll eat those also = ) i had a hard time looking
for FFF in my area ever since i got rid of mine a yr ago but i've seen a few
tankfuls of ameca's recently at various LFS's so it seems like they're not
hard to get a hold of ($2 a piece CND)

time to goto work to make some $$ to buy more discus

Raymond Wong