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Sae's and Christmas Moss

>I would love to have the Christmas Moss growing
>beautifully in my tank.  It looks awesome in the
>pictures I have seen.  Alas, I don't think I will enjoy
>any such sight in my tank as long as I keep my SAEs. 
>But I definitely don't want to part with my SAEs
>either.  Whatever shall a fishboy do?

I have mine in a tank with 11 SAE's. They don't seem to be very hard 
on the moss. Initially, I had problems with the moss just not growing 
very full, although it was green. I've been dosing a little extra 
iron and that seems to help alot. You might try that.

My SAE's are spoiled rotten and eat alot of romaine lettuce, zuchini, 
etc, so that could be a factor in why they haven't ravaged the moss 
too much. I agree though on not wanting to part with the SAE's. Mine 
are real characters and I enjoy them alot.

Does anyone else have a SAE species tank, or am I just goofy?



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