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> Mr. Barr wrote:
> "I've put it off long enough.
> I'm going to give the Plantex trace mix a try. It's extremely cheap and at
> the rate I use traces, I'm considering using this product much the same way
> I've used Flourish and TMG. Flourish has a broad spectrum and this doesn't."
> Welcome to the dark side. Walk into the light, all are welcome....

Well when I started trying to find consensus I started using TMG. Karen and
Neil were using it when I started comparing notes to make it as even as I
could. I used that as the yard stick. Now there are other brands and cheap
ways of doing it and have have never used the Plantex product but it is
widely popular. 
> If by "broad spectrum" you mean the ultra-trace elements, I think those come
> with water changes, assuming reasonably hard tapwater.

I have some traces from the flourish trace. From what I've seen in other
folk's tanks, these are not needed by the plants to any degree and as you
say are provided from other sources(Food/tap water etc).
> "I am going to use the Sears Conlin recipe as a yardstick since so many use
> that already. I'd like to be able to compare the mixture to Flourish and TMG
> etc."
> I think it way underdoses K. I use Gadd's calculator website and just dose
> the dry elements until I get readings for Fe and N.

I still do the macro's dry and separate. I'm simply referring to the trace
mix here. I think I wrote something that might give the impression of an all
in one dropwise mix such as the complete mix suggest.  I do not intend to do
that. I know what the macro's do better using them separate rather than all
mixed. This is simply a replacement for the TMG and Flourish products that
cost a fair amount if you dose like I do. I do not have a PMDD all in one
Tom Barr