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SAE's attack Myriophyllum matogrossense var "Green"!

I was wondering why these plants have been growing great all of a sudden
looked as if there was a stunting at their tip and slow nappy growth
I assumed not enough traces(although unlikely) or too high of lighting(but
they had been growing super prior in the same tank).
But then 2 days ago, I saw the SAE's ripping into the top vegetative cones
of the plants like a lion sinks her(the male lions are lazy) teeth into a
Well time to move them out and let the shrimp and otto's take over. I've
watched them attack R wallichii and Bacopa myriophylloides viciously but
never seen this behavior with Myriophyllum ssp. I've had the SAE's and the
plants together for years without witnessing any of this. I guess I'll get
rid of the SAE's once and for all. They are great and all, but the shrimps
and otto's fulfill the function better IMO for my tanks. I know folks have
had shrimps eat plants or harm them but I have yet to see this(I add extra
food for the shrimps also like the SAE's) when fed.
Tom Barr