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Re: N deficiency

> Hello everyone, 
> This is my first time with this problem. My rotala rotundifolia old leaves are
> turned red and died and the growth tips are showing signs of stunting too.
> According to aquatic horticulture by Karen Randall, this is a form of nitrogen
> deficiency. I have 10 mollies and 9 tetras in the tank which should give
> enough nitrogen in the form of nitrates. But why are the rotala.r still
> suffering from N deficiency?
> Here are my tank conditions:
> 72watts of light for 15.6gallons of water
> 5ml weekly doses of Tropica Master Grow
> Pressurized CO2 at about 5 bubbles per second.
> All help is appreciated.
> Thanks 
> Wayne Wah from Singapore

Karen would be exactly on the target on this one. Deep red color is common
in low to deficient NO3 levels. If you added some NO3(say KNO3) the plants
will green up. Rotalas are fast growers and are affected first. They are
also quite color variable. I would not rely on fish to cover the Nitrogen
needs of a planted tank exclusively(certainly not on your tank!).
Supplements with KNO3 are highly suggested. At lower lighting, non CO2 tank
you may be able to do this but not at higher levels. You are above the limit
there. Also, double your TMG dosage(2x a week). CO2 should be closer to 1
bubble every 5 seconds. See about getting it dissolved better and check the
level via the pH and KH.
Tom Barr