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Re:Joe/Cat flea remedies

Hi Joe,

I believe that your concerns for the flea products you are using on your cat 
being capable of contaminating your aquarium are valid.  One thing that comes 
to mind is the fact that cat's constantly wash themselves.  Yet the flea 
product obviously stays on for 30 days.  That would make me wonder if the 
product would be pretty immune to hand washing tatics.
Have you considered asking your vet about 'The Program" which is given once a 
month in the food? This product does not kill fleas but renders the eggs 
sterile, fleas die off and there are none to replace them. I used it very 
effectively on one of my cats several years ago.  Not sure if it will work 
for you, but thought I'd mention it since there will be NO poison residue on 
the coat.

Sue Wild

Joe K says:
> I'm wondering about a slightly weird theory...  3 months ago we switched our
> cat "Snicky" from Advantage to Revolution (selamectin).  Both these 
> products
> are once a month parasiticides.  This is a rather amazing chemical, able to
> kill fleas and ticks for at least 30 days after a one spot application.  I
> understand that the chemical migrates along the animals fur and remains
> potent for a long time.  I pet Snicky daily (no choice really, she 
> insists).
> I wash my hands afterwards, but I also put them in the tank daily as well.
> I wonder what a couple of ppm (ppb?) of this stuff would do to an aquarium?
> Going to be real careful about this now.

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