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Re: Plant Fertilizer --- Excel

BC said, in part:

> I was using Flourish Excel too.  I kept to the high side of the
> recommended
> dosage: 1ml per 40L daily.  It killed all my shrimps.  I have then
> reduced
> it to 0.75ml per 40L every other day.

Just thought I'd add my Excel experience to the pot for comparison

Let's see, 40l is about 10 gallons, so I have been using roughly a
little better than half the recommended dosage.  I have been putting
1.5ml into a fifteen gallon tank 4 days per week including the day I do
a weekly 20% water change.  I have been doing this for about 4 months
under a 20 watt lamp.  for about 3 months before this, I did not add
Excel.  Plants seem to grow faster with the Excel added to the tank,
although the difference is not stunning in a slow-motion tank ;-) .

This fish load is the high side of medium and the amount of plant mass
also is moderate but is about half java fern -- no CO2 injection.  The
tap water pH is 7.0-7.2 and that's where the tank pH stays.  The tap
water doesn't have much of anything in it so I also dose about 0.5ml of
TMG each day.  

The few ghost shrimp in the tank do not often come out of hiding, which
they seem to do when water parameters get whacky.

The glass needs a light wiping to remove algae about once each week or
two.  Plant growth is very slow [wonder why, hah :-)  ]. OTOH I finally
found a way to keep a marble queen (I believe it is Echinodorus
cordifolius) from overgrowing its tank.  The leaves accumulate algae
slowly as they age but can be removed as new leaves grow in.

Scott H.

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