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Re: MTS die off and Flea & Tick Poison

Joe Kopanski wrote about his MTS die off and the possibility that a
pesticide used on his cat was a problem:
> Well looks like my entire colony of MTS are dead or dying.  At least
> one
> dead AES today as well. . . 

> I'm wondering about a slightly weird theory...  3 months ago we
> switched our
> cat "Snicky" from Advantage to Revolution (selamectin).  Both these
> products
> are once a month parasiticides.  This is a rather amazing chemical,
> able to
> kill fleas and ticks for at least 30 days after a one spot
> application.  I
> understand that the chemical migrates along the animals fur and
> remains
> potent for a long time.  I pet Snicky daily (no choice really, she
> insists).
> I wash my hands afterwards, but I also put them in the tank daily as
> well.
> I wonder what a couple of ppm (ppb?) of this stuff would do to an
> aquarium?

If it "migrates" along the animal's fur, then it probably also
"migrates along your skin, your furniture, carpet, rugs . . . whatever
the cat's fur touches.  Depending on how quickly it denatures, and what
chemicals it breaksdown to, there might be some build-up of trace
amounts.  So washing your hands after you pet the animal might not be
enough.  You might want to wash immediately before going into the
water.  I doubt testing on fish or mollusks was required before release
to market.  I wonder, too, what a few ppm will do.

Scott H.

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